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Muslim Boys Name

Muslim boys’ names mean that a baby boy’s name must be within the guidelines of the Islamic religion with appropriate meanings. Find popular Islamic male names starting from different alphabets are present so you can assign them to your little boy. There is a vast collection of trending, famous, and latest Muslim boy names on tabeerinfo where you can pick the best one for your newborn boy.


Islamic Boy Names

The name has a great tendency to impact the life of any person. It is the main reason that you should be careful while assigning names to your baby. However, along with the name, the lucky number, origin, meaning also play a key role. The arrival of a baby in a family is considered a true sign of love, blessing, and harmony. After the birth of a little angel, the main task is to select a good Muslim boy name that has appropriate meaning as per the child’s personality. In some families, the process of naming a child started much before his birth when parents take advice from their relatives regarding the naming of the child’s Baby Boy Names.

When talking about the Islamic boy name or unique Muslim boy name, this platform has a vast collection of modern Islamic names for Muslim boys which is also listed in alphabetical order. Islamic boy name with meaning is widely searched by Muslim parents living in Pakistan, India, and other Middle Eastern countries. The trend of searching Islamic names online has been revolutionized as this platform offers all relevant details. You can find some of the best Islamic boys’ names in Urdu, and some latest Boys’ names with meaning online which you can browse through and choose according to your preference.

Our collection of Islamic baby girl names from the Quran is a perfect and authentic online platform for parents who are seeking a unique Islamic name for boys with meaning, origin, popularity graph, lucky number, and other details. It gives you deep insight into all relevant information associated with each baby boy’s name.