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Surah Al-Humazah (The Traducer) Beautiful Recitation | Quran Recitation Beautiful Voice | Hum Voice

Surah Al-Humazah (The Traducer) Beautiful Recitation | Quran Recitation Beautiful Voice | Hum Voice

Surah Al-Humazah condemns the evils which were commonplace many of the materialistic hoarders of wealth inside the pre-islamic days. After pointing out this sort of unpleasant man or woman, the final give up of this kind of people in the hereafter is advised. Each of these things (i. E. The man or woman and ones destiny in the hereafter) are depicted in a manner which makes the listener automatically reach the belief that such a man deserves to satisfy such an quit. And in view that inside the global, people of such individual may not suffer and appear like thriving rather, the incidence of the hereafter turns into truly inevitable.

If this surah is read within the series of the surahs starting with az-zilzal, possible completely apprehend the fundamental beliefs of islam.

In surah az-zilzal, it was said that inside the hereafter, man’s complete document may be located before him and no longer an atom’s weight of accurate or evil executed by way of him in the international will were left unrecorded.

In surah al-‘adiyat, attention became interested in the plunder, loot, bloodshed and vandalism, winning in arabia before islam; then making the human beings recognise, that the manner the powers given through god have been being abused, changed into certainly an expression of sheer ingratitude to him and deserves punishment.

In surah al-qariah, after depicting the resurrection, the human beings had been warned that in the hereafter, a person’s right or evil end can be depending on whether or not the scale of his top deeds changed into heavier, or the scale of his evil deeds was heavier.

In surah at- takathur the humans had been taken to undertaking for their materialistic mentality because of which, they remained occupied in seeking growth in worldly blessings, pleasures, comforts and function. They had been warned that they would should render an account to their rabb and sustainer as to how they received it and how they used it.

In surah al-‘asr, it changed into declared that each member, every institution and every network of mankind, even the entire world of humanity, changed into in show up loss if its individuals have been without religion, righteous deeds and the exercise of exhorting others to truth and endurance.

Immediately after this comes surah al-humazah, wherein, after providing a specimen of leadership of the pre-islamic age of lack of awareness, the humans are asked the question: “what ought to such person deserve, if no longer loss and perdition?”

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