Dream Means In Islam Starting With Letter T

Here You Can Find The Dream Interpretations In Islam Of those Words Starting With “T”, Dream Means In Islam And There Interpretations With Complete Details. Dreams are one of the most perplexing phenomena that mankind experiences without any explanation from the quarters of modern studies. All scientific efforts to unravel the mysteries have failed. But Islam Is More Advanced Than Today’s Science.

Interpretation of dreams by T

Table Companion Table of Contents
Table Tablet
Tahayyat Tall
Tailor Tailoring
Take Flight Taking the Middle Course
Taking the Road Talbiyyah
Talisman Talkative
Talking Tall Person
Tallness Tallow Chandler
Tallow Tamarisk Tree
Tamarisk Tambourine
Tan Tangle
Tank Tankard
Tanner Tannery
Tanning Drum Tap Dancer
Tap Tapeworm
Tar Tarantism
Tarantula Tarawih
Taro Tarragon
Tart Tasbih
Tassels Tatter
Tattoo Taurus
Tavern Tax Collector
Tax Refund Taxes
Tayammum Teacher
Teak Tearing Down One’s Shirt
Tears Teasing Bow
Teenage Boy Teenage Girl
Teeth Telescope
Tell a Lie Telling the Future
Temple Temples
Temptation Tender
Tennis Ball Tent Peg
Tent Termite
Terra Firma Terror
Terrorization Testator
Testicles Testifying to God’s Oneness
Testimonial Greetings Testis
Tetter Theft
Theologian Thief
Thigh Pain Thigh
Thimble Thinning
Thirst Thorns
Thread Threat
Threshing Threshold
Thrift Shop Throat
Throbbing Throne
Throng Throw in the Towel
Throw Pillow Throw
Throwing Apples Throwing Stones
Thrust Thrusting
Thumb Thunder
Thunderbolt Thyme
Tiara Tickling
Tides Tie
Tied Up Tiger
Tight Shirt Tile Maker
Tiller Timber
Timepiece Tinner
Tinsmith Tinsmithing
Tippler Tithe Collector
Tithe Title
Toaster Oven Tobacco
Toes Toga
Toil Toilet
Tomb Tomcat
Tongue Tongues
Tooth Toothbrush
Tooth Ache Topaz
Torah Torch
Torn Garments Tornado
Torpor Torrent
Torturer Toss
Tourist Towel
Tower Town
Toy Tracer
Trachoma Tracing Footsteps
Tracker Trade
Trader Tragacanth
Trail Trait
Tramp Transfixed
Transformation Transgression
Transient Translator
Transparent Hood Transportation
Transvestite Trap
Trash Collector Trash
Traveler’s Pouch Travels
Treasure Box Treasure Hunting
Treasure Trove Treasure
Tree Leaves Tree
Trellis Tremble
Tremor Trench Coat
Trench Trespassing
Trials Triangulum
Tribadism Trickery
Trickling Sand Tricks
Trickster Tricktrack
Tripe Shop Tripping
Trotter Trouble
Troubled Waters Trough
Trousers Trout
Trowel Truce
Truffle Trumpet of Resurrection
Trumpet Trunk
Trust in God Trust
Trustee Trusting Someone
Truth Truthfulness
Tuberculosis Tuft
Tumor Tunnel
Turban Turkish Bath
Turkish Turning in One’s Sleep
Turnip Turquoise
Turtle Turtledove
Tutelage Tutoring
Tuba Tree Twanging
Tweak Tweezers
Twilight Twine
Twist Twisting a Rope
Tying a Knot Tyke
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