Dream Means In Islam Starting With Letter W

And There Interpretations With Complete Details. Dreams are one of the most perplexing phenomena that mankind experiences without any explanation from the quarters of modern studies. All scientific efforts to unravel the mysteries have failed. But Islam Is More Advanced Than Today’s Science.

Interpretation of dreams by W

Wadi Wages
Wagtail Waif
Wailing Waist Belt
Waistband Wakefulness
Walk Around Walking in the Air
Walking on the Moon Walking on Water
Walking the Streets Walking
Wall Gecko Wall
Wallet Wallflower
Walls of the City Walnut Tree
Walnut Wandering
Waning of One’s Wealth Wanted
Wantonness War Correspondent
War Warble Fly
Warden Wardrobe
Warrior’s Helmet Washbowl
Washer Washing a Garment
Washing the Dead Washing
Wasting Money Wastrel
Watch Watchful
Watching the Stars Watchman
Watchtower Water Carrier
Water Jug Water Level
Water Lily Water Mill
Water Passage Water Wheel
Water Watercourse
Watercress Waterfall
Watering a Herd Watering Hose
Watering Waterless Plain
Water Skin Water Thrush
Waves Waving a Sword
Wax Chandler Way
Weakness Wealth
Weapon Weariness
Wearing a Mask Weasel
Weaver Weaving
Wedding Band Wedding Officiant
Wedding Weeds
Weight Stabilizer Weight
Well Wending One’s Way
Whale Wheat Straw
Wheat Wheel
Wheels Whip
Whistling White Rose
White White Washer
Whorl Wick
Wickedness Widow
Wife Wild Beast
Wild Cow Wild Gazelle
Wild Goat Wild Ox
Wild Plants Wild Thyme
Wildcat Will
Willow Wimble
Wind Instruments Wind
Windmill Window
Wine Pitcher Wine Press
Wine Wing
Wings Winking
Winning the Presidency Winning the Election
Wisdom Tooth Wise Men
Wish Wisp
Witch Witchcraft
Witness Witter
Wolf Woman
Womanizing Women
Wood Sculptor Woodcutter
Wooden Bowl Wooden Clogs
Wooden Slippers Woods
Woodworker Wool
Words Workhorse
Workman World
Worms Worries
Worshiping Fire Wound
Wrap Up Wrap
Wrapping Wrecker
Wrecking Ball Wrestling Match
Wrestling Wretched Life
Wretched Write
Writer Writing
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