Islamic Interpretation Of Dreams Starting With Word E

To see the letter “E” in your dream represents the beginning of a new stage. You are moving on to something new and grand. Alternatively, the letter “E” invokes feelings of superiority and grandeur. It may indicate the name or initial of a person.

Interpretation of dreams by E

Eagle Ear
Earlock Early Companions
Early Scholars Earrings
Earth Earthenware Pot
Earthquake Earthenware Jar
Earthworm Earwax
Earwig Eating To One’s Fill
Eating Eavesdropping
Ebbing Ebony
Eclipse Educator
Edible Roots Edifice
Effeminate Efforts
Eggplant Eggs
Egypt Eid ul Adha
Eid ul Fitr Eid
Elation Elderly person
Elders Election
Electuary Elegance
Elephant man Elephant Trainer
Elephant Elephantiasis
Elevation Elf
Elixir Eloquence of Speech
Emaciated Embalming
Embrace Embroiderer
Emerald Emergence
Employee Employment
Emptiness Empty Space
Empty Enacting
Enamelist Enamored
Enclosure Encroachment
Encyclopedia Endowment
Enemy Engagement
Engineer English Ivy
English Engraver
Enhancement Enjoyment
Enlist Enmity
Enoch Entering a House
Entering Hell-Fire Entering Paradise
Entertainer Entice
Entwine Enumerate
Envelope Epidemic Disease
Error Escape From Danger
Escape Escort
Escrow Esoteric
Espalier Establishing The Divine Laws
Estate Estrangement
Eternity Etiquette
Eunuch Euphrates
Evanescence Eve
Evening Evenness
Event Evergreen Oak Tree
Evergreen Tree Evergreen
Eviction Evil End
Evil Sound Evil Spirits
Ewe Exacting
Exalting God’s Oneness Examine
Exasperation Excavate
Exchange Exchanging Letters
Excitement Exclamation of God’s Sovereignty
Excrements Excrete
Excretion Executioner
Exegesis Exhaustion From Speaking
Exhibition Exhilaration
Exhume Exile
Expel Expiation
Explorer Explosion
Exposure Expulsion
Extinguishing a Fire Extirpate
Extracting Oils From Seeds Extravagance
Eye Doctor Eye Inflammation
Eye Makeup Eyebrows
Eyedropper Eyelash
Eyelid Eyes
Eyetooth Eyewitness
Ezekiel Ezra
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