Islamic Interpretation Of Dreams Starting With Word G

To see the letter “G” in your dream represents the beginning of a new stage. You are moving on to something new and grand. Alternatively, the letter “G” invokes feelings of superiority and grandeur. It may indicate the name or initial of a person.

Interpretation of dreams by G

Gabriel Gadget
Gains Galaxy
Galia Moschata Gall Bladder
Gambling Gamecock
Games Garb
Garbage Dump Garbage
Garden Greens Garden Heliotrope
Garden Herbs Garden
Gardener Garlic
Garment Alteration Garment
Gastrointestinal Disease Gate
Gathering Gazelle
Gecko Geese
Gem Polishing Gemini
Gems of The Eyes Gems
Gemstone Genealogist
Generosity Geomancy
Getting Lost Getting Married
Ghaib Ghee
Gherkins Ghost
Ghusul Giant
Gibbon Gift
Gigantic Gilder
Gillyflower Gimlet
Gin Ginner
Ginseng Giraffe
Girl Giving Birth
Giving up The Ghost Giving
Glass Blower Glass Bottle
Glass House Glass Pitcher
Glass Slippers Glass
Glazier Gleam
Glitters Glob
Glorifying Glorious Throne
Glue Gluttony
Gnat Goat
Goblet Gocart
God’s House God’s Will
God Gold
Golden Cage Golden Calf
Golden Oriole Goldsmith
Golf Bag Golf Ball
Goliath’s Head Gomorrah
Good Deed Good Luck
Good Manners Goodwill
Gospel Gourd
Government Governors
Gown Grabbing
Grace Grain Merchant
Grains Grammar Teacher
Grammarian Granary
Grandfather Granite
Grant Grape Juice
Grape Wine Grapes
Grapevine Graphic Artist
Grass Pea Grass
Gratitude Grave Digger
Grave Gravel
Graveyard Gray Hair
Gray Grease
Great Bear Greater Bairam
Greed Green Fields
Green Parrots Green
Greenhouse Greetings
Greyhound Griffin
Grill Grimness
Grinder Grinding
Grindstone Gripping
Grits Groaning
Grocer Grocery Bag
Grudge Gruel
Grumble Grus
Guarantee Guard
Guardian Guarding Post
Guest Guidance
Guide Guitar
Gulf Gull
Gullet Gullnuts
Gum Gun Salesman
Gunsmith Gurgle of a Camel
Gutter of Mercy Gutter
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