The rising feelings of passion or sexual pleasure, the transition from expressing our energy genitally to express­ing it in self awareness is often shown as ascending. See fly­ing, stairs and lift under house and buildings. Movement to­wards waking or becoming more aware, the mental, or an escape from anxiety or being ‘down to earth’; sexual pleasure.

If the lift goes out of the top of the roof, or the connection with base is missing: can show a critical situation of the mind being split from body awareness (schizoid). Ascending a hill or mountain or tree: often shows having a more inclusive view or understanding of one’s activities and place in the scheme of things.

Seeing oneself ascending ordinarily (as in real life) means one will attain honour, dignity and an elevated postion. Such ascension is indeed, an enviable one. In general, ascension or climbing represents one’s honour and dignity in worldly and religious matters. At other times, climbing a mountain or tree suggests that the beholder will be granted protection against calamities of all sorts.

1- We are becoming conscious of being able to cxcrcise control over passion or sexual pleasure.

2- The transition from expressing our energy through sex to expressing it in self-awareness is often shown as ascending.

If we are climbing stairs, going up in an elevator or lift we are making a movement towards waking or becoming more aware; we are making an escapc from anxiety or being down to earth and arc freeing ourselves from physical constraints.

3- We are searching for spiritual awareness.

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