Bridge Of The Day of Judgement Dream Meanings

Bridge Of The Day of Judgement Dream Meanings

(arb.) This is the bridge people have to walk on after the Day of Resurrection to meet their Lord on the Day of Judgement. The ease of crossing it depends on the weight of deeds one is carrying. Some cross like lightening, while others have to carry their burdens and move at varying paste. Walking on it in a dream means a journey. If the bridge caves under one’s feet in the dream, it means destruction and death. Seeing this bridge in a dream also represents knowledge, truth, believing in God’s oneness and following the teachings and example of God’s Messenger upon whom be peace. If one’s foot slips while crossing in the dream, it means that he will miss the true path. If one sees himself walking the path in a dream, it means that he is on the right track, follows what is commanded and abstains from what is forbidden. It also means that one will undergo awesome changes, undertakes major responsibilities and succeeds to reach safety.If one’s foot slip sin a dream, it also means that he will fall into sin and deviate from the straight path.

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