Canopy Dream Meaning

Canopy Dream Meaning

(A canopy with drapes covering one’s bed; Mosquito net; Transparent hood) In a dream, the canopy that drapes over one’s bed represents a good woman or a well mannered man. In a dream, a canopy also may represent one’s wife, or it could mean affliction, grief, distress or darkness. (Also see Bed; Couch; Mattress)

(Pavilion; Tent) Setting up a pavilion in the open air to sit under it in a dream means gaining power and dominion. A canopy in a dream also means visiting the graves of martyrs and praying for them, or to die in their state. Folding a canopy in a dream means losing one’s power and dominion, or it could mean nearing the end of one’s life. Walking out from under a canopy in a dream means losing some of one’s power or business. Walking out from under a canopy in a dream also signifies truthiness of one’s heart and intention, or earning the station of a martyr through one’s true devotion, or it could mean visiting the Sacred House in Jerusalem. (Also see Pavilion; Tent)

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