Companions of the Prophet (uwbp) Dream Meaning

Companions of the Prophet (uwbp) Dream Meaning

(Followers; Righteous people; Successors)If one sees in a dream that one of the companions of God’s Messenger, upon whom be peace, his followers or their successors entering a town or locality that is suffering under natural adversities, oppression or war, it means relief for its people and reversal of their conditions. It could also mean that their leaders will become guided again. To see the agnostics of a land means increase in one’s knowledge. To see the wise men of a land, means increase in one’s wisdom. To see the preachers of a town in a dream means spiritual growth and increase in one’s happiness. To see the righteous dwellers of a land and God’s trustees there in a dream means increase in one’s devotion. If one sees past companions alive in a dream, it means prosperity, justice and economic growth for the inhabitants, coming from a God-fearing leadership. If one sees himself resurrecting one of the companions, their followers or successors in a dream, it means that he will revive his practices and traditions. If one sees himself turned into one of the known righteous companion or followers of God’s Prophet,upon whom be peace in a dream, it means trials in one’s life to equal the exalted station of such blessed beings, thought he end is praiseworthy. (Also see Righteous people; Scholars)

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