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Dream of Flood

In a dream, a flood symbolizes various challenges and adversities, encompassing enemy attacks, harm, destruction, illness, or a demanding journey. The inundation of a town in the dream signifies potential threats and the need to safeguard against them. If the water flows towards a river, it suggests escaping from a perilous enemy. Combatting or preventing the flood from entering one’s house represents the struggle to protect family and property.

Benefiting from the flood’s waters for wells or farms in the dream denotes a prosperous year, a bountiful harvest, or favorable irrigation and sturdy dams. However, a flood may also embody deception, hypocrisy, false speech, or falsehood. Witnessing a town flooded with blood signifies divine wrath and punishment for people’s sins. In this dream scenario, inundations may also represent rainfall, one’s speech, or a sharp-tongued woman. If a house is flooded, it symbolizes past deeds that will yield future benefits.

Dream of Flood: The flood can also represent nourishing substances like honey, milk, or oil. Collecting floodwaters in jars with people expressing happiness in the dream implies abundant food availability and stable prices. Additionally, a flood may indicate the prevention of extremism or the isolation of a potential danger. When a flood occurs outside its season, it suggests following psychic influences or pursuing religious innovations, potentially leading to wrath, destruction, impeachment, penalties, or a plague.

However, if the flood is falling from the skies, it signifies blessings and rains. Swimming out of one’s home into an inundated town indicates escaping from a tyrant, but failure to cross and being forced to return warns against staying in that town or disobeying authority. Preventing the flood from entering one’s home in the dream signifies reconciliation with an enemy.

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