AlifKhwab Nama

Khwab mein Ullu Dekhnay Ki Tabeer




Tabeerinfo Developer Team do their best to share khwab ki tabeer, khwabon ki tabeer, khwab nama in urdu, & interpretation of dreams in urdu, english & latest news, baby names, religion information. We are helping peoples to know about there dreams interpretation from last 10 Years and also we are very thankful to all of our visitors and article readers.

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  1. AoA…
    Mny khaab mn dkha ha k aik admi din ki roshni mn uper chat par aya ha or us k hath mn pinjra h js mn 3 parindy hn r 2 kaaly siyah rang k parindy hn un mn sy aik parinda nikala h or jb us ny apny par kholy hn to par boht bary hn r jb mny parindy ka chehra dkha h to wo ullu h or chat par mn r mry Papa hn. R phr us kaly siyah ullu ki chonch Papa ny bandhi h or us ko zibah kr dea h.
    Mjhy is ki taber btaey boht shukrya.

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