To See Hoof In A Dream

To See Hoof In A Dream

To See Hoof In A Dream

(Slippers) In a dream, an animal’s hoof, or an ostrich’s hoof means strength or travels. It also means to wend one’s way and prepare for the better. (Also see Slippers)

(Cattle; Horse) In a dream, a hoof represents knowledge and pursuing its references or tracks. It also represents wealth when the hoofs are those of the kings’horse or of his messenger’s horse. Hoofs in a dream also imply making a compulsory move from one location to another. Hoofs in a dream also mean guidance for a lost soul. Hearing the sound of hoofs running through the streets in his dream means rain or floods.

A hoofer in a dream represents a man in trouble if he dances for himself. If so, his parable is like that of seeds pupping on top of a fire. If a hoofer dances for someone, then the host will be struck by a calamity that will affect both of them.

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