To See Knot In A Dream Means

To See Knot In A Dream Means

To See Knot In A Dream Means

To make a knot in one’s shirt in a dream means engaging in business. Tying a knot with a rope in a dream represents one’s religious commitment. Tying a knot with a handkerchief in a dream means giving fringe benefits to a servant or to an employee. Tying a belt over a pair of pants in a dream means marriage. Tying a knot with a thread in a dream means asserting one’s intention, or stipulating one’s plan, or it could mean sorcery and an evil spell. If one sees himself tying a rope or a thread around a pouch or a bag and could not open it again, and if an unknown person comes by and unties the knot in the dream, it means distress, stress, up tightness, or suffering from political persecution, or financial adversities that will be lifted unexpectedly by God’s leave.

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