To See Lock In A Dream Meanings

To See Lock In A Dream Meanings

To See Lock In A Dream Meanings

In a dream, a lock represents a trust worthy person or a virgin girl. Opening a padlock in a dream means escaping from jail, or release from prison. If one who is suffering from depression sees himself unlocking a padlock in a dream, it means that his sorrows or sadness will be dispelled. A lock in a dream also represents a proof, a strong point or a tool. Unlocking a padlock in a dream also means divorce. Locking a door in a dream means seeking a cosigner for a loan or a guarantor. If one who is seeking to get married sees a lock in his dream, it means that he will meet with a trustworthy and a caring woman. A padlock for a traveler in a dream means safety. A metal lock in a dream means dignity, safety,piety, deciphering a language, symbols, or acquiring knowledge. Wooden locks in a dream represent a husband, children, knowledge, wisdom, ease in one’s life, or guarding one’s promise. Locks in a dream also mean heedlessness. A wooden lock means hypocrisy, or hesitation in one’s words and actions, or it could mean accepting a bribe.

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