To See Sheepskin in a Dream Meanings

To See Sheepskin in a Dream Meanings

To See Sheepskin in a Dream Meanings

Wearing a woolen garment in the winter in a dream means profits and benefits. Wearing it during the summertime represents strain, distress and adversities. Wearing a wool en-garment in a dream also means lawful money and prosperity. Sleeping over a sheepskin in a dream means becoming rich from associating with a rich woman, or from a marriage to a rich woman. Burning wool in a dream means religious contempt, or loss of capital. If a man of knowledge sees himself wearing a woolen garb in a dream, it means that he is leaning toward an ascetic life, or that he will become a caller to God’s path,teach people to love the eternal comfort of the here after and to despise the temporary pleasures of this world. Wearing a woolen cloak with nothing under it in a dream means receiving money from a noble and a well respected person. A dog wearing sheepskin in a dream represents a lowly person who subsidizes his business through a well known and a respected person. If one sees a lion wearing a sheepskin in a dream, the lion here represents a tyrant who confiscates people’s money and property. Wool in a dream also represents purity, clarity and asceticism, except if the wool is coarse or unsuitable to wear, then it means poverty or humiliation.

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