To See Skewer in a Dream Meanings

To See Skewer in a Dream Meanings

To See Skewer in a Dream Meanings

Skewers in a dream mean fulfilling one’s needs, satisfying one’s goals, reconciling two friends, or interceding to give advantage to someone for his comfort, or they cold mean money. A skewer in a dream also represents the butler of the house, or the household servant who manage sits business, teaches many workers their duties, arts, and commands the various interests of his employer.

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  1. I passed nearby a man while je was playing with a lot of kids, and fe followed me as i was blimbing and then he looks like he liked me so much and give me a promise that we will meet that evening, and then i left him and an other man who was STANDING nearby the entrace touched me and that man sow it and he came EXACTLY to stop him and he entered in the house nearby the man who touched me , he came out with a lot of skewers in his hands and he gave to me one as he was taking the skewers to the kids he was playing with before he follow me. Plz tell me what is it?

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