To See Spica in a Dream Meanings

To See Spica in a Dream Meanings

To See Spica in a Dream Meanings

In a dream, Alcyone means dirt or wealth-Aldebran means retreat or one’s sexual organs-Aldromeda means a woman in distress-Alhena means satisfaction or impotence–Antilia means iron-Apus means a heavenly bird-Ara means flying-Arctunus means unlawful earnings or actions-Argo means travelling by sea-Auriga and Corvus mean fortune and blessings Boot is represents a shepherd or servitude–Castor means advancement-Cepheusre presents a ruler-Corona Australis means marriage–Corona Borealis means forgiveness and safety-Cygnus means a swan-Grus means departure-Libra means adultery-The Celestial equator means happiness-The Little Bear, the Great Bear, Aquila, Orion, Spica, Arietica or Aquarius among others, if one sees them or owns them or controls them or recognizes their names in a dream, it means befriending someone or marriage to a woman with that name or zodiac sign or character, or it could mean begetting a son. The celestial pole in a dream represents a devout worshiper or a high ranking commander-Pollux means delays-The Ursa Major and Ursa Minor mean pursuit, following, signs of guidance or tracks of moving around-Triangulum means conditions-Vela means confrontation-Viergo means a contraceptive-and Vulpicula means screaming.

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