To See State in a Dream Meanings

To See State in a Dream Meanings

To See State in a Dream Meanings

So the word abode is the old fashioned term of a home. Maybe you had a dream of your house or someone else’s house?

To dream of problems connected to your home indicates that you have lost faith in life. The dream signifies that you may have difficulties facing other people in the future. The key message is to cheer up. If you have no abode in your dream and you are homeless then this indicates that you are going to be fortunate in some affairs. To move house or change your abode signifies that you’re going to make major decisions in a hurry.

If you are a young woman and you have left your home this dream indicates that you’re likely to encounter gossiping women in the future. It is important for you to be prepared for the unexpected. If you are visiting an old home you use to live in then you’re likely to hear good news in the future. If you are invited to someone’s home in your dream then great news is on it’s way. This dream means you will experience excitement in the future.

Detailed dream interpretation: To dream of being homesick indicates that minor misfortune with money is likely to present itself in the near future. The key message of this dream is that opportunities which are non-materialistic are likely to present themselves – go grab them. To be in your home/ abode in your dream indicates that you are going to be happy and content in the near future. If you dream of visitors to your home then this denotes positive relations in the future. If a visitor in your dream appears sad or encounters problems then you this indicates misfortune in the near future. If your abode is relaxing then you may find a healing force around you as your energies are drained.

Old dream meanings (Pre-1920): Dream interpretation oracles show that the home is a container of your inner self. It is important to recognize the home can carry many different interpretations as it indicates your feelings of independence, comfort, and deliverance. If you have been suffering depression recently then you’re likely to dream of being homeless. This is due to the fact you may not be well mentally. It is important for you to get better and take some time for yourself. To dream of others that are homeless means, you must accommodate other people’s feelings and approaches in order to overcome the feeling of depression.

In your dream you may have: Dreamed of your abode. Dreamed that you were homeless. That you have not got a home. Left your abode due to a divorce or separation. Positive changes are afoot if: The dream resulted in a pleasant experience. You were in control throughout the dream. This dream was positive in nature.

New beginnings in your life are needed if in your dream: The dream was negative and that you made hasty decisions. The dream made you lose faith. Areas of your life that dreaming of the abode is connected to: Other people are wary of your approach to matters relating to your domestic life – think about others and how people can make you happy. There are events in your life which mean that are making it difficult to relax. That you have been a victim of slander or gossip. Feelings that you may have encountered during your dream: Poverty. Extreme misfortune. Loss of your home. Scared. Complete disappointment or grief. You found that you were acting out of character. Gloom. Helplessness – strong feelings of being vulnerable. Lost your house due to war. Angry. The feeling that you cannot move on. Miserable. Suppressed.

The element of ocean in a dream represents a prison where sea lives are incarcerated, and it means losses,fear, despair,limitless knowledge, a city without walls, or the world, its trials and wonders. An ocean or a sea in a dream also represents a strong ruler who is just, compassionate toward his subjects and whom people revere, have access to, and seek for their daily needs. If a business man sees an ocean in a dream, it represents his merchandise. As for a worker or an apprentice, the ocean in a dream represents his veteran teacher or master. If one sees the ocean in a dream, it means that he will succeed in his goals. If one sees himself entering into the ocean or sea in a dream, it means that he will enter before a ruler, or stand before someone in authority. If one sees himself sitting or lounging at the seashore in a dream, it means that he will work for such a person or a ruler, though he will be observing caution and diplomacy with him. If one sees himself drinking the entire water of the sea though no one sees him except the king in a dream, it means that he will reign and live a long life. Drinking any portion there of also means equal earnings to what he takes in. If one sees himself drinking from it to quench his thirst in the dream, it means riches, strength and longevity. If one sees himself asking for some of its water to drink in a dream, it means that he is seeking to work for such a strong person or ruler. If he pours its water in a pitcher in the dream, it means prosperity, or that he will receive a bounteous gift from God Almighty to encompass a high rank as well as riches. However,his status will last longer than his money.To drink water from the sea in a dream means acquiring knowledge and adopting proper conduct. Crossing the ocean in a dream means booty. If one sees strong waves bringing sea water to his street without causing damages in a dream, it means that a ruler or a great person will enter or visit that locality. Bathing in seawater in a dream means repentance from one’s sins. Seeing the ocean from a distance in a dream means that calamities, temptations and trials are coming to one’s community. If one sees the sea receding, whereby he can see the edges of the earth it covers in a dream, it means diminishing of his authority and control, or that the wrath of God Almighty has descended upon that locality. This calamity could be carried by one’s own government, economic tribulations, drought, or one’s enemies. Standing over seawater in a dream means attaining something one did not seek. Walking in the air above the seawater in a dream represents the person’s good intentions, his clarity, faith and certitude. If a sick person sees himself taking ablution in seawater in a dream, it means that he will recover from his illness, or it could mean payment of one’s debts and relief from worldly pressures.

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