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Sahih Bukhari Hadees Number 1642 – Chapter Hajj

Sahih Bukhari Hadees Number 1642 – Chapter 25 – Chapter Hajj
Hadees Number 1642 – Chapter 25 from Hajj. of Sahih Bukhari. Read the authentic Hadith by Imam Bukhari in Arabic, with complete translation in English and Urdu. All references of the Hadees are given for authenticity of it. This chapter Hajj. has total 260 Hadees, and the whole book has 7558 Ahadees
Hadith in Arabic
وَقَدْ أَخْبَرَتْنِي أُمِّي أَنَّهَا أَهَلَّتْ هِيَ وَأُخْتُهَا وَالزُّبَيْرُ وَفُلَانٌ وَفُلَانٌ بِعُمْرَةٍ ، فَلَمَّا مَسَحُوا الرُّكْنَ حَلُّوا ” .
Urdu Translation
´اور مجھے میری والدہ نے خبر دی کہ` انہوں نے اپنی بہن اور زبیر اور فلاں فلاں (رضی اللہ عنہم) کے ساتھ عمرہ کیا ہے یہ سب لوگ حجر اسود کا بوسہ لے لیتے تو عمرہ کا احرام کھول دیتے۔
English Translation
And my mother informed me that she, her sister, Az-Zubair and such and such persons had assumed lhram for `Umra and after passing their hands over the Corner (the Black Stone) (i.e. finishing their Umra) they finished their Ihram.

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