Sahih Bukhari in UrduSahih Bukhari Chapter No 14

Sahih Bukhari Hadees Number 991 – Chapter Witr

Sahih Bukhari Hadees Number 991 – Chapter 14 – Chapter Witr
Hadees Number 991 – Chapter 14 from Witr. of Sahih Bukhari. Read the authentic Hadith by Imam Bukhari in Arabic, with complete translation in English and Urdu. All references of the Hadees are given for authenticity of it. This chapter Witr. has total 15 Hadees, and the whole book has 7558 Ahadees
Hadith in Arabic
وَعَنْ نَافِعٍ ، أَنَّ عَبْدَ اللَّهِ بْنَ عُمَرَ كَانَ يُسَلِّمُ بَيْنَ الرَّكْعَةِ وَالرَّكْعَتَيْنِ فِي الْوِتْرِ حَتَّى يَأْمُرَ بِبَعْضِ حَاجَتِهِ .
Urdu Translation
´اور اسی سند کے ساتھ نافع سے روایت ہے کہ` عبداللہ بن عمر رضی اللہ عنہما وتر کی جب تین رکعتیں پڑھتے تو دو رکعت پڑھ کر سلام پھیرتے یہاں تک کہ ضرورت سے بات بھی کرتے۔
English Translation
Nafi’ told that ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar used to say Taslim between (the first) two Rakat and (the third) odd one in the Witr prayer, when he wanted to attend to a certain matter (during that interval between the Rakat).

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