Dream Means In Islam Starting With Letter S

Here You Can Find The Dream Interpretations In Islam Of those Words Starting With “S”, Dream Means In Islam And There Interpretations With Complete Details. Dreams are one of the most perplexing phenomena that mankind experiences without any explanation from the quarters of modern studies. All scientific efforts to unravel the mysteries have failed. But Islam Is More Advanced Than Today’s Science.

Interpretation of dreams by S

Saber Guard Sable
Saboteur Sack
Sack Sacking Needle
Sacrament Sacred Mosque
Sacrification Sacrifice
Saddle Cloth Saddle Mount
Saddle Saddlebags
Saddler Saddling an Animal
Safa Safar
Safe Safety Pin
Safflower Saffron
Sagittarius Sa’i
Sail Maker Sailboat
Sails Saint Tree
Saker Salat
Sale Salesman
Salih Salsola Kali
Salt Shaker Salt
Saltwort Salve
Sanctimonious Sanctuary
Sand Sandals
Sandglass Sanding
Sandpiper Sanitation
Sapphire Sarcophagus
Sash Sasin
Sasquatch Satan
Satisfaction Saturn
Sauce Pan Sausages
Saw Scabies
Scale Beam Scale
Scallion Scarab
Scarce Scarcity
Scarf Scepter
Scholars School
Scission Scissors
Scoop Scorch
Scorpio Scorpion
Scourge Scowling
Scraps Scratch
Scratching Scream
Screeching of a Pen Scribble
Scribe Scribes
Scrolls Sculpturing
Scum Scythe
Sea Gull Sea Onion
Sea Seabird
Seafood Restaurant Seal
Seaman Seaport
Sear Search
Searching for Someone Seasonal Sweets
Seat of Authority Seat
Seclusion Second Wife
Secret Service Secret
Secretary Security
Sedan Chair Sedatives
Seedling Seeds
Seeping Seer
Seizing Self Control
Selling Semen
Semolina Seniors
Sentinel Separate
Separation September
Sequins Sergeant
Sermon Servants
Serviette Serving
Sesame Oil Sesame Seeds
Seth Setting Out
Settlement Severing
Severity Sexual Climax
Sexual Drive Sexual Intercourse
Sexual Organ Sexual Pleasure
Sha’ban Shackles
Shade Shadow
Shahada Shaking One’s Head
Shaking Sham
Shameful Act Shameless
Sharing a Table Shark
Shaved Head Shaving
Shawwal Shearer
Shearing Shears
Sheath Shedding One’s Skin
Sheep Shearing Sheep
Sheepskin Shelf
Shell Shelling
Shelter Shepherd’s Dog
Shepherd Sherbert Salesman
Shia’it Shield
Shine Ship
Shipment Shirt
Shivering Shock
Shoemaker Shoes
Shooting Arrows Shooting
Shop Shopping Bag
Shorebird Short Hair
Shoulders Shout
Shouting Shove
Shovel Plow Shovel
Shrill Sound Shrine
Shroud Shrouding
Shrubs Shu’aib
Shuck Shudder
Shut Shyness
Siamese Cat Sickle
Siddiqun Sideswipe
Siege Sieve
Sift Sifter
Sigh Signing a Loan
Signs of The Last Hour Silence
Silk Brocade Silk Merchant
Silk Silkworm
Silly Silver Cage
Silver Singer
Singing Sin
Sinus Congestion Sirat
Sirius Sisters
Sitting Siwak
Size Skewer
Skies Skin Inflammation
Skin Skinning an Animal
Slander Slapping on The Cheek
Slapping Slaughter
Slaughterhouse Slave
Sledge Sleep
Sleeping on The Stomach Sleeping Pad
Sleeping Together Sleeplessness
Sleeves Sleigh Bell
Slime Sling
Slingshot Slip of a Tongue
Slip Slippers
Slippery Surface Slipping
Sludge Slum
Slumber Slumberous
Smack Smallpox
Smashing Smell
Smelling an Apple Smile
Smiting One’s Forehead Smoke
Smothering Smut
Snail Snake Bite
Snake Charmer Snake Cucumber
Snake Snare
Sneezing Snoring
Snot Snow
Snowball Snuff
Soaking Soap
Soar Sociability
Social Acquaintances Social Connections
Sock Sodom and Gomorrah
Sodom Sodomize
Sodomy Softness
Solar Eclipse Solar System
Soldiers Solemn Promise
Soliciting Advice Solomon’s Ring
Solomon Solution
Solving a Complicated Problem Son
Song Songs of God’s Love
Sophistication Sorcerer
Sorcery Sorrel
Sort Sound of Animals
Sound of Birds Sound of Walking
Sound Soup
Source Book Spade
Spadix Span
Spaniel Spanish Fly
Sparks Sparrow
Spasmodic Inhalation Spathe
Speaking in Other Languages Speaking
Spearhead Spearman
Speckles Specks of Dust
Speech Writer Speech
Spell Out Sperm
Spermaceti Spica
Spider Spikes of Grain
Spikes Spinal Column
Spindle Whorl Spindle
Spinning Wheel Spinning
Spireas Spirits
Spiritual Gathering Spiritual Guide
Spiritual Leader Spit Out
Spitefulness Spittle
Spleen Pain Spleen
Splice Split
Spoils Sponger
Sponsoring a Child Sponsorship
Spook Spool
Spoor Spores
Spread Spring
Sprinkler Sprout
Spur Spy Glass
Spy Squandering Money
Squash Squeak of a Mouse
Squeaking of the Door Squill
Squinting of The Eyes Squirrel
Squirting Cucumber Stabilizer
Stableman Staff
Staircase Stairway
Stake Stale Bread
Stall Stammer
Stamp Standing up For The Truth
Star Starling
Stars State
Station of Abraham Station
Statue Status
Steak Steam
Steamroller Steelyard
Steep Incline Steeping
Steer Steering Wheel
Stench Steps
Sterile Stern
Stew Steward
Stigmatize Sting
Stinger Stink
Stir Up Stockbroker
Stocking Stomach Pain
Stomach Stone Coffin
Stone Hammer Stone Tomb
Stone Stone Cutter
Stonemason Stonemasonry
Stoning to Death Stoning
Storage Stork
Storm Storyteller
Story Stove
Straight Razor Strain
Strainer Strand of Hair
Strangulation Strap
Stratagem Straw Mat
Straw Strawberry Mark
Strawberry Stream
Street Vendor Strength
Stress Stretcher
Strike Striking
String Instruments String
Stripped Strive
Stronghold Strudel
Struggle Strutting
Stubbornness Students’ Leader
Stuffed Fish Stuffed Fowl
Stuffed lam Stuffed Turkey
Stuffing Stumble
Stump Stun
Stupefy Stupid Sprout
Stupidity Submerse
Submission Submissiveness
Substitute Subterranean Storehouse
Suburban Area Subversive People
Successors Suck
Suckling Suds
Suffocation Sugar Cane
Sugar Mill Sugar
Suhur Suicide
Suit of Mail Suitcase
Suite Sulfur
Sultan Sun Dried Bricks
Sun Sunshine
Superciliousness Supermarket
Supervisor Supplication
Support Suppository
Suppressing One’s Anger Suppressing One’s Feelings
Suppression Surety
Surgery Surrender
Susan Suspicion
Swaddle Swagger
Swallow Swallowing
Swan’s Meat Swathe
Sweat Sweeping The Floor
Sweet Almond Sweet Fragrance
Sweet Marjoram Sweet Water
Sweets Maker Sweets Shop
Sweets Swelling
Swells Swerving
Swimmer Swimming
Swindle Swine
Swing Swiss Chard
Swoon Sword Hilt
Sword Sycamore Tree
Sycophancy Sycosis
Sympathy Synagogue
Syphilis Syrup Vendor